About us

The Rough and Smooth Club of Queensland Rescue is made of caring individuals who are also members of the club. We are made up of volunteers with a mission to help all collies of all ages. The goal is to place these dogs in the best permanent home. Collies come to rescue from many sources, including dog pounds, death of the primary caretaker, people whose health has changed, breeders, divorce and many other circumstances. 


CLUB RESCUE OFFICER : JANE ARMATYS (GIN GIN ) PH 41572758 or 0428121726                                 email address : keamaree@bigpond.com

ASSISTANT CLUB RESCUE OFFICER : SUE PAIGE (KERRY) 0755449233, 0408155749                             email address : suepaige@bigpond.com

OTHER CONTACT NO'S - BRISBANE 33998779 , MOBILE 0421549080



 Kirra is a 4 year old desexed sable female who needed a new forever home due to a change in circumstance. Kirra's owner was upset  at having to rehome her. The conditions included in meeting the prospective adopters.  A couple who lived in Warner were wanting an older female collie as a puppy would be too much for them. There collie had died and Kirra  worked out beautifully for them. Kirra is a very happy collie going for walks and spending her days with her new owners who work from home. 



 (above at the time of rescue and below at collie meet ups - Laddie is in the front with a big smile)

The AWL ( (Gold Coast) had contacted collie rescue as they could see that this lovely young dog needed quite a lot of care. He was very thin, eye and ear infections, a cauliflower ear and hair loss from head to his rear end.  Karen Allfrey who has a collie and was on the Gold Coast, kindly collected Laddie and drove him to  Brisbane.  Laddie was looked after  for approximately 2 weeks by Regina a member of the collie club. He was speedly taken to the vet and a  regieme of intensive treatment was commenced. Poor Laddie was also suffering from kennel cough and later found to be hypothroid.

He now has a lovely home in the Logan area and cared for by Fiona and her daughter who live on  acreage. Laddie's friends are another collie and other farm animals. Laddie meets up with the people who rescued him at the collie meet ups in brisbane. 


Remi's original owner was unable to care for him anymore due to a change in marital circumstance. He was undernourished and at the time of collection and rehomed within 2 days.  Sue from collie rescue could see he would become easily attached to who ever had him. The decision to find a home as soon as possible was arranged by Jane A.  He now lives in Manly with his new family who love him dearly. He has adapted well as you can see. Also having a young child couldn't have been better as in his original home there was also a child. We see Remi at the collie meet ups where he meets and is able to run with other collies.